Personal Training Sessions:
Scientific based personal training sessions that will adapt to clients daily and long term goals. Clients will experience goal oriented programs while working through various training techniques and equipment.


Duo Training Sessions:
Fast paced and goal specified training sessions split between two-to-three individuals. Clients will work to learn proper training technique, experience different types of training modules and enjoy the benefits of peer motivation.


Group Sessions:
Groups ranging from four-to-six individuals will endure moderate-to-high levels of training. This delightful experience will be filled with sweat, various training modules and equipment, and an abundance of laughter and motivation. Have fun!


Virtual Training:
Personal training in the comfort of your own home without me being there! As always, you will experience a client centred approach from anywhere in your home with minimal equipment required. This will show you that you don’t need much to get a great workout in or see results.


Fitness Assessment:
The CSEP-Path assessment has been created for Canadian males and females between the age of sixteen to sixty-nine in order to measure anthropometric and musculoskeletal fitness, body fat and predicted Max VO2 measurements.

CSEP-Path Fitness Assessment Protocol
1)Heart Rate and Blood Pressure (Manual palpating with stethoscope and sphygmomanometer)
2)Anthropometry Measurements (Height, weight and body circumference measurements)
3)Body Fat Composition ( Harpenden Skinfold callipers and measuring tape)
4)Predicted Max VO2 Measurement (Cycle ergometer, mCAFT step, One mile walk, Treadmill wall tests)
5)Musculoskeletal Measurements (Max push ups, Grip strength ergometer, Lower back endurance test and Leg power squat jump test)
6)Flexibility Measurement (Sit and reach ergometer)


Body Fat Percentage Measurements:
With the precise accuracy of plus or minus .4mm, the Harpenden Skinfold Calliper will measure the subcutaneous fat beneath the skin. Seven sites will be measured in order to provide clients with a comprehensive overview of total body fat percentage, location of excess weight and lean and fat weight.


Fitness Consultations:
Take advantage of the CSEP-Path fitness consultation where clients will go through basic pre-participation health screening assessments using evidence-based tools and gather information about physical activity and lifestyle behaviours in order to help push through barriers and to achieve success.

Program Design:

Not interested in having someone in your personal space? Just interested in following a simple routine with minimal guidance? Then, this is for you! I will have questions for you, you will hopefully provide answers and then I will hand over a home workout specifically tailored to your goals. Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment. You will literally need some free space, anything else will only be a bonus for me.